Gone With The Books Review Policy

I love to read and it´s one of my favorite activities that I enjoy doing during my spare time. But since I am not getting paid for reading & reviewing books -, I have to set some rules.

First of all, I want to thank you for your interest in Gone With The Books.
Unfortunately, for the time being, I can´t accept any new review requests. My reading reservation list for the current year is full. Any changes to that I will pronounce in time on my homepage.
Therefore please note that I am not answering e-mails that contain review requests. Also note, that if you send me unsolicited books (no matter what kind of genre or format) it doesn´t mean or guarantees that I will read & review it and that a review will automatically appear on Gone With The Books or any other website I am posting them.

The books I read and review are either sent from publishers to me in exchange for an honest review (and are already on my reservation list for the current year) or I bought them myself. However, that doesn´t mean, that I will write anything else but my own opinion in my reviews.

My understanding of reviewing a book is, that I always read it from the beginning to the end, even if I can´t enjoy it. I can´t judge a book I haven´t read entirely and then write a proper review. I have to know the complete book, and not only a part of it, otherwise I can´t write a good review – no matter what my opinion, in the end, will look like. I am well aware of the fact that writing a book means, that an author (he/she) has put a lot of time, hard work, passion and heart into it. I respect that and will always try to write my reviews in a decent way – even when the review contains my negative opinion. Therefore I want to make clear, that my reviews only express my personal opinion about the book itself – not the person who wrote it.

The reviews here at Gone With The Books are written in English (see About). Most of my reviews are also published at the German literature portal I am also writing for. The publisher date there I can´t influence.

Irrespective of that, my reviews will be posted at the moment on Goodreads (English), Pinterest, Facebook and Leser-Welt* (German). I will not post my reviews on amazon.

Genres reviewed
Young Adult

Accepted Formats
Physical books 

The Gone With The Books Rating

5 Eyelashes 
Top Title

4,5 Eyelashes 
Between Reading pleasure and a top title

4 Eyelashes 
Reading pleasure

3,5 Eyelashes
A bit above average with some good points in it

3 Eyelashes

2,5 Eyelashes 
Lower than average

2 Eyelashes
Couldn´t really convince me

1,5 Eyelashes 
Not much better

    1 Eyelash 
Sad, but wasn´t for me

I feel free to change any of the above written at any time.

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