Saturday, 11 July 2020

Saturday Night Film Night

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope your weekends are all fantastic.

I'll confess that the outside world has got to me a bit this week, so I have been a bit more stilted than usual. I've been trying to keep myself busy and occupied, and this week it was just too much business and occupation, and too much real world. So, this weekend I could do with some extra cheering up! And to this end, to one of my favourite films:

In a countryside town bordering on a magical land, a young man makes a promise to his beloved that he'll retrieve a fallen star by venturing into the magical realm.

Another book turned into a movie, I haven't actually read the book by Neil Gaiman, although it is on my to read. I was a late-comer to this film, only discovering it last year (2019), but it became a firm favourite. An enemies-to-lovers romance, magic, romance, people discovering that being who they are is the best thing - it's just fabulous. 

The romance is breath-taking, but the plot itself is phenomenal, and each story interweaves perfectly with each other. Comedic, light-hearted but with substance, this is definitely a film to rewatch over and over.

What's your favourite cheer-up film?

Friday, 10 July 2020

Weekly Round-Up

Welcome to another Friday everyone!

It's been another week of change, and this week has been slightly harder for me to find inspiration to write than others, so please excuse any changes in schedule.

I've read some fantastic books lately that I'm really excited to share with you, and on the other, I've read some books recently that I've honestly not even finished as I couldn't comprehend why on other I was reading something so sad in a book that was meant to be happy. Which leads to my question - do you share books that you couldn't finish?

In case you missed it, I continued my exploration of Kindle Unlimited vs Scribd this week, with a little more information here.

And then I may have completely forgotten which day it was, and published my reviews out of order (my apologies), but check out my reviews this week below (click on the picture to go to the review):

                    Parental Guidance Ice Knights Series Book 1 by Avery Flynn              Number Neighbors by Emma Hart

Next week I'm really excited to be sharing a book that actually mentions my hometown! I will mention at this point that I have lived in three countries, and have citizenship in two, and in one of those (Canada), I've never seen a book ever mention my hometown - so, please cue the excitement!

What are you reading this weekend?

Parental Guidance by Avery Flynn

Parental Guidance by Avery Flynn
All I want is to play hockey on the Ice Knights, instead, I’m in a viral video for all the wrong reasons and my mom—yes, my mom—has taken over my dating apps. Then, when I think it can’t get any worse, the fates deliver Zara Ambrose, a five-feet-nothing redhead with more freckles than inches and who’d rather be anywhere other than on a date with me.

Now a bet with her friends and my PR nightmare have us both stuck in this go-on-five-dates-with-the-same-person hell situation. But if we band together, we can get the whole thing over with and go on with our lives. It’s perfect! No feelings. No future. No fuc— *ahem* fun. No naked fun.

What could go wrong? Nothing—as long as I remember the rules. Don’t notice the way she looks in a dress. Don’t react when she does that little shivery sigh thing whenever we touch. Don’t think about the fact that she’s never had a toe-curling orgasm that wasn’t self-delivered and just how badly I want to change that.

Five dates—that’s it—and then we go our separate ways. At least, that was the plan...

I'll confess that at the moment I'm on a bit of an Avery Flynn kick, I just can't put them down! This was no exception, started, and finished, the same day.

One of the things that I love most about Ms. Flynn's novels is the ease at which the novel sweeps you in. A rarity in today's modern romantic comedy novels, this series is written from the third person, something this reader thoroughly enjoys and appreciates. More than that though, she really builds her secondary cast, not just focusing on the main characters, resulting in a well-rounded novel, and I'll be honest, keeps me hooked for wanting to read further books in the series.

The romance itself is hot, steamy, believable, and something that I would definitely be happy for. Both our hero and heroine are loveable characters and the romance progression is done extremely well. As mentioned earlier, the supporting cast is phenomenal and I love the links between her series, and definitely can't wait for the next instalment.

Rating: 4/5

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Thursday, 9 July 2020

Number Neighbors by Emma Hart

Number Neighbours by Emma Hart
BAD IDEA #241: Sending a dirty text to your number neighbor.

In my defense, my friends did it too, and their neighbors took it as the joke it was. Mine didn’t.
He responded with a dirty text of his own. Next thing I know, I have a standing texting date every night at ten-thirty.

Until I have to miss it because the stray kitten who adopted me one week ago is sick. The only person I know who can help me at this time of night is my British next-door neighbor and local vet, Isaac Cooper. I’ll keep him overnight, he says. Here’s my number to call me in the morning, he says.

The problem? I know that number. Because I’ve been texting it every night for the last four days...

This blurb wouldn't have even been a premise a couple of decades ago, and I just had to read it. I've picked up one of Ms. Hart's books before and found it enjoyable, and put some of her series on my to read shelf, and finally managed to pick this one up again.

One of the things that I find most enjoyable about Ms. Hart's novels is the realism that she brings to her books. Bodily functions after romantic times? They're acknowledged. Awkward situations? Very acknowledged. Family members behaving in an interesting fashion? Definitely acknowledged. Her brand of romance acknowledges the reality of what would most likely happen to many of us in a romantic situation, but still gives it that romantic shine to make it a believable romance.

As mentioned earlier, this is definitely a unique plot that's not really widely utilised, and one that was quite interesting to read. I can honestly say that if I found out the person I was sexting with was my next door neighbor that I'd be chucking away the SIM and feigning complete ignorance. I was a little disappointed with our hero, and found him a bit too forceful for my liking. While he definitely had his redeeming qualities, I just felt that there was that special something missing to make me really like him. I found there was a lot of interaction with the side characters and detail about our heroine's newly acquired cat, but I would have liked a bit more detail about the romance between our two leads. The steamy atmosphere was quickly established, but I'd have liked a bit more romantic information to have been given.

It may sound a bit odd, but I think the best comparison I can make for this novel is it was like fast food. You know how sometimes you're just really craving fast food? It's good, it looks delicious, it's easy and fast to make, and when it's over you're happy you had it but you just wanted a little bit more of it? That's how I felt with this novel. It was great, it had a lot of what I was looking for and it satisfied most of what I wanted, but I was left just wanting that little bit more.

Overall, an interesting premise with a good plot.

Rating: 3/5

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Monday, 6 July 2020

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weeks are planned with fantastic things, or at the very least you have some great books to read!

I've got some great books to share with you this week, including a few more I've found on my Kindle Unlimited recommendations. I'm still not convinced to keep going with KU, but I'll confess it's given me some good reading that I've thoroughly enjoyed. I will confess to having a certain weakness for sport's romances, specifically hockey romances. Can I given any insight into why? Not at all. But for some reason I just absolutely love reading about a tough and graceful hockey player falling in love. Do you have any favourite hockey romance reads? Definitely send me a message if so!

I hope everyone is still enjoying Saturday Night Film Night, and keep sharing what you're watching!

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Saturday Night Film Night

Welcome back to another Saturday Night Film Night!

Another firm favourite, and originally a book by Jenny Han, To All The Boys I've Loved Before is the first in her P.S. I Love You series. Picked up by Netflix, and then the second and third books quickly booked up and turned into films, there's plenty of viewing time to watch!

To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

A teenage girl's secret love letters are exposed and wreak havoc on her love life.

I'll admit I didn't think I'd like these films as much as I do. There's something so quiet and understated, but powerful about them, that they just work perfectly. The cast is incredible, and Noah Centineo definitely emerged in the public eye after this, but all together the cast are phenomenal. Lara-Jean and her family make you want to be part of them, and they all have screen time and are important to the overall story.

Honestly, this film is just magical with its love story, go watch.

Friday, 3 July 2020

Weekly Round-Up

It's officially here! We're in the second half of 2020 - who would have thought? We've had some great books come out so far, and still many more yet to come.

So what have I been up to this week? I'll confess to being somewhat distracted and finding it a bit difficult to concentrate on reading. As you might have seen from some of my other posts I have been going back to old favourites and happily re-reading, so prepare for some older books coming your way soon!

But, back to what I've actually been doing this week. The debate has continued as to who is the better e-book platform, I'm still nowhere close to making a decision, but check it out here. I'd still love to hear your opinions, so please drop me a comment and let me know where I should be getting my books from! Don't get me wrong, I'd absolutely love to buy physical books, but given I already own over 500, I've been given a warning as to how many more I'm allowed until we have no more room in the house - until then, I'll have to make do with my e-books!

In case you missed it, check out my book reviews of the week here (click on the picture):

            Battle of the Bulge (OHellNo 4) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff          No Judgements (Little Bridge Island) by Meg Cabot

I did have a look at books I'm looking forward to releasing this month, but I'll confess to struggling. I'm really not sure why, and I'm possibly looking in the wrong place, but I could only find two that I was really excited about here. Let me know what you're looking forward to in July!

Happy reading everyone.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

No Judgements by Meg Cabot

No Judgements by Meg Cabot The storm of the century is about to hit Little Bridge Island, Florida—and it’s sending waves crashing through Sabrina “Bree” Beckham’s love life…
When a massive hurricane severs all power and cell service to Little Bridge Island—as well as its connection to the mainland—twenty-five-year-old Bree Beckham isn’t worried . . . at first. She’s already escaped one storm—her emotionally abusive ex—so a hurricane seems like it will be a piece of cake.

But animal-loving Bree does become alarmed when she realizes how many islanders have been cut off from their beloved pets. Now it’s up to her to save as many of Little Bridge’s cats and dogs as she can . . . but to do so, she’s going to need help—help she has no choice but to accept from her boss’s sexy nephew, Drew Hartwell, the Mermaid CafĂ©’s most notorious heartbreaker.

But when Bree starts falling for Drew, just as Little Bridge’s power is restored and her penitent ex shows up, she has to ask herself if her island fling was only a result of the stormy weather, or if it could last during clear skies too.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Meg Cabot. Starting with her Princess Diaries series back in 2002, I’ve read almost every single one of her books, leaving out the middle school books, and I would say hands down she is one of my favourite authors.

The Little Bridge Island Series starts off with a short story, ‘Bridal Boot Camp,’ and while a short story has limited time, the story was bland, not offering much for the reader to fall in love with the characters.

Unfortunately, No Judgements starts off exactly as the blurb lays out, and continues its short story pitfall, of simply seeming too easy. The characters are semi-likeable, but the romance seems too rush between the protagonists. While a great read for introducing us to Little Bridge Island, there’s nothing memorable about this series.

When Cabot refers to the ’emotionally abusive ex’ in the blurb, I steeled myself, for what ultimately seemed to be little resolution in the book, and retaliation with physical violence. She also introduces a myriad of backstory for the character that seem to be random notes, rather than key driving points of the story.

Overall, while I love Cabot and most of her books, unfortunately this one seemed to fall short. An interesting premise in a gorgeous setting, but the pace was too quickly set for our protagonists to reach their happy ending.

Rating: 3/5

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