Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Kiss My Putt (Summersweet Island Book 1) by Tara Sivec

Kiss My Putt (Summersweet Island Book 1) by Tara Sivec
After spending my entire pro golfing career being known as the quiet, controlled, no-nonsense golfer on the tour, there’s nothing more humiliating than throwing all of that down the drain—or into a water hazard—on national television. Needing some place to hide, to lick my wounds and figure out what I even want to do with my life once this blows over, I can only think of one place I need to be. Summersweet Island, where everyone treats me like one of their own, and they’ll all be happy to have me home again.

Well, except maybe one person. It’s been two years since I last set foot on Summersweet Island or spoke to anyone there. But I’m sure Birdie Bennett, my best friend since I was 15 and the clubhouse manager of my favorite golf course, has had plenty of time to forgive me for that tiny little misunderstanding where I blocked her on social media and blocked her in my phone. Oh, and I guess I kind of, sort of accused her of being a stalker. It’s fine!

Once my sexy, spunky, former best friend gets over the shock of seeing me again and stops trying to drive a 9-iron into my skull, I can finally let her know I’ve also kind of, sort of always been in love with her...

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I don't know why I didn't know that it was coming out, but I only discovered best-selling romance author (and one of my personal favourites), Tara Sivec's newest book, Kiss My Putt was coming out about three weeks ago. Then imagine my joy and elation when she announced it was being released on Kindle Unlimited! Best. Day. Inawhile.

I picked this up as soon as I was aware of that (not that I wouldn't have bought it full price, but, I already have a large list of books begging to be read), and savoured this over three days. More because I was exhausted and couldn't keep my eyes open, but even last night I had to keep reading justonemorechapter, and ended up going to bed at 2:30am again.

To the novel itself! It was STEAMY. As in, seriously seriously steamy. I'm not sure why but I'm thoroughly enjoying sports romances at the moment, mainly hockey (that is my catnip), but I'll take anything. Having said that, this was the first time I've read a golf romance, but, it worked. Adding in a best friends to enemies to best friends to lovers trope, also great.

On a personal note, I will say that best friends to lovers does somewhat stick in my craw, only because I went through that. And then discovered after about eight or so months that I'd never actually been his best friend and he just used me for his own benefit and was promptly thrown away, despite having made major changes for him. Reading this kind of trope always makes me second guess that situation, and it does suck. I thought I'd lost my best friend and love of my life, but, I guess I didn't and it was a lucky thing he chucked me when he did and he sucks. But, I digress. Let's pretend that never happened to me, and just read this in isolation.

One of the things that I absolutely love about Ms. Sivec's books is that she instantly throws you into the book, but fully immersively. The book isn't just based on the lead characters with secondary thrown in briefly just to say they have, it's well-rounded and pushes a plot that encompasses and progresses the romance, rather than a romance novel just pushing romantic situations. Her books always make me laugh out loud and just honestly cheer me up.

If you're looking for a steamy hot summer read, complete with a lot of laughs, this is your book.

Rating: 4/5

Monday, 3 August 2020

Happy Monday!

Good morning everyone, and happy Monday! I hope all your weekends were great and you had some fantastic books to read.

In continuation from last week, thankfully my arm has calmed down a bit, although I will say this is thanks to kinesio tape, and thus giving my arm an interesting look, LOL.

Thankfully I was able to beat my reader's block this weekend with the release of best-selling romance author Tara Sivec's newest romance release, Kiss My Putt, which I only actually found out about three weeks ago that was coming out! It was absolutely gorgeous and while I did try to read in one sitting, my eyes just couldn't stay open past 1:30am anymore, so had to be split over a few nights. That review will be coming tomorrow, drop by and make sure you check it out!

I've also been a bit surprised that some of my highest read posts on here have been from older romance novels, not recent or upcoming releases. So, I'm grateful to know that you'll be continuing down the rabbit hole with me a bit as I re-read older favourites.

In astounding news, it's almost the time of year (8th August) where I turn another year older, and this time I'll be entering a new decade, leaving my 20s behind and starting my 30s. It's safe to say that it's not the birthday that I was expecting, but that's ok. I sadly never get used to the fact that I'm turning another year older, much as I try.

There are things that I thought I would have accomplished by now that I haven't, but there's also a lot of things that I have, and I'm very grateful for that. My 20s were jam-packed with adventures, starting out with two summers working for the most magical place on earth (Walt Disney World Resorts International College Program, honestly, two of the best summers of my life), and then starting my adventures working at sea on cruise ships. It's a difficult life, but one that I do love, much as it has had its ups and downs, and this year has not been one I expected for the industry. Having been off since November, this is the longest time I've spent at home and in one country for eight years, and that by itself is unusual. But, we will be back, I do have faith in that, and until then, I'll keep enjoying my time at home and with family. To conclude, I'm a little scared about entering my 30s and this new chapter, but, you're as young as you feel, and that's the important part! (Or please feel free to give me advice about this!!).

To celebrate some milestones with this website, and considering it's my birthday week, I'd like to say thank YOU all for reading my website. As a thank you, I'm giving away two free Book Review Trackers to two lucky people! All you have to do is comment on this post to win! The winner will be selected by random on Friday.

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Hope you all have a great week, and let me know what you're reading this week!

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Saturday Night Film Night

Welcome to another Saturday Night Film Night! Surprisingly enough for me (as this is predominately a book website), the most popular post of this site so far is a Saturday Night Film Night edition (here). So, I'm hoping you keep liking them and let me know what you're watching!

What am I watching tonight? Tonight's film is What's Your Number, starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans.

A woman looks back at the past nineteen men she's had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her true love.

It's always an interesting premise thinking of one's number, and I'll admit, this film made me realize some important truths. For some reason, older romance novels that I read always tended to mention either directly or indirectly, how many 'relationships' both our leads had been in, and tended to focus on the fact that the heroine had not, while the hero had. This unconsciously formed an opinion in my mind about my relationships (what can I say? I was young and impressionable), and this film made me really question that.

Combining it all together though, I really did just genuinely love this film. Chris Evans is simply gorgeous, and Anna Faris always makes me laugh. Honestly, a fantastic film to watch!

Friday, 31 July 2020

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week, and found some great new reads!

I'm still in my book rut and I can't really get into any new books at the moment, so I've been going back to old favourites, namely books by Teresa Medeiros, and rediscovered some fantastic gems. Honestly, if you haven't read her books yet, you NEED too. She was one of the first romance authors I discovered, and her books made me believe in love. If you need something that inspires you, and leaves you in nothing but happiness, honestly, pick up her books.

But, to what you've seen this week! I read an excerpt from Helena Hunting's Meet Cute back in December, and had to read the full book based on that, and came out with very mixed emotions. While I absolutely loved the book, I'll confess that tears were shed as the plot of this story had some tragic undertones that did bring down the mood. While an honestly fantastic, well-written read, I just know that I did struggle with those themes. There's also Sabrina Jeffries first in her School for Heiresses series, Never Seduce A Scoundrel, which was a great historical read. Click on the book covers below to be taken to the reviews.

                     Meet Cute by Helena Hunting       Never Seduce A Scoundrel (School for Heiresses Book 1) by Sabrina Jeffries

As mentioned early in the week, unfortunately I did flare up on old writing injury in my left hand, causing some amount of pain when typing so posts have been a little bit shorter from me this week, but hopefully with time to rest, it should be back to normal soon. On the other hand though (ha), I have spent some great time reading, which was greatly appreciated.

As we're coming up to the weekend and I think we all need some cheering up, all printables in the store are now on sale for 50% off, including the reading tracker! Pick up yours by clicking the picture below.

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I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and looking forward to hearing what you're reading!

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Never Seduce A Scoundrel (School for Heiresses Book 1) by Sabrina Jeffries

Never Seduce A Scoundrel (School for Heiresses Book 1) by Sabrina Jeffries
Lady Amelia Plume has many admirers - it's too bad they're all fortune hunters and fops who can't provide the exotic adventures she seeks. But the ballrooms of Mayfair have become much more appealing since the arrival of Major Lucas Winter, an American with a dark past and dangerous air.

Lucas is brash, arrogant and scandalously tempting. Every thrilling kiss sparks hotter desire, yet Amelie suspects that Lucas has a hidden motive in wooing her. And she intends to discover it, by any means necessary...

Ms. Jeffries is well-known in the world of romance, but I confess to having never read one of her novels before, but I decided to finally delve in, and was happily surprised.

Unlike most contemporary romance fiction, most historical romance fiction still adheres to third-person writing, something this reader greatly appreciates. Added into that, a great plot, along with a believable build between our hero and heroine, makes this a fantastic first novel of her series, School for Heiresses.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel as it has the simple characteristics of a romance novel that make it so great: a strong hero and heroine that have fleshed out characteristics that make us fall in love, a great romance, a build, and adventure - something that sometimes contemporary romance novels forget. I don't always enjoy historical romance novels, but Ms. Jeffries really hits the nail with this novel, providing strong characters who you do root for. Overall, a great first start to the series!

Rating: 4/5

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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

(ARC) Meet Cute - Helena Hunting

Kailyn Flowers was always calm, rational, and controlled-until she ended up sprawled all over Daxton Hughes, the former actor she totally crushed on as a teenager. Then she did the unthinkable: She became a mortifying fangirl in five seconds flat, which may or may not have included professing her undying love. And oddly, he didn’t run away. In fact, their meet cute led to a friendship she never saw coming. Of course, she never saw his betrayal coming, either…
Now Dax needs her help. As guardian to his thirteen-year-old sister, he’s in way over his head. And though Kailyn hasn’t forgiven Dax, she isn’t heartless enough to make him fend for himself, either. Soon their friendly meetings turn into flirty dinner dates, and Kailyn can feel their chemistry is as explosive as ever. But how can she possibly let down her guard again to a guy who has heartbreak written all over him?

While this book has already been published, I was fortunate enough to receive an extended free preview, and I can definitely say I'll be purchasing the full version. Having never read anything by Ms. Hunting, I was drawn in by a great blurb and front cover, and was instantly hooked.

While the story should always be the main feature of any novel, there are also factors that affect your enjoyment of the book, with one of the biggest being formatting. Formatting can make or break a novel, affecting the flow and reader's enjoyment. The formatting of this ebook was smooth and a fantastic flow, causing me to read all of it in one sitting. As soon as I was finished the book, I searched for it on scribd to continue, and while unfortunately not available, I will be searching for it nearby.

To the story itself, I instantly was drawn to both the hero and heroine, both written in an engaging and human way. Without giving too much away, I was slightly discouraged by the continued meet-cute with death bringing our leads together, which seems to be quite common across the romance theme, and something not entirely necessary to bring our leads together. However, for the sake of this plot line, it was needed. 

In the short 40 page preview I was given, there was comedy, romance, and drama and I simply can't wait to read more. 

Rating: 4/5

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Monday, 27 July 2020

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and read some great books.

We're almost officially in August! I'm turning 30 this month (8th August), so this is a bit of a milestone birthday for me. Not quite the one that I'd imagined, but, I think that's the same for a lot of people at the moment. I'll also confess that I've restarted an old hand injury, so typing this week for me will be slow, so expect posts to potentially unfortunately be a little less this week!

I'm still stuck in a bit of a book rut at the moment and I really can't get into a new book. I've turned to one of my all-time favourite authors, Teresa Medeiros, and having a re-read of Nobody's Darling. Does anyone have any recommendations of great books they've been reading lately?

Having said that, I am reading some new books that are coming out next month (one of them below), and those reviews should be with you this week (if not next, depending on how fast I finish Nobody's Darling!).

The Dating Itinerary by Brooke Williams
As if it wasn’t bad enough to be deemed the “most single person” at her magazine’s office, budding reporter Penny has now been tapped to write a series of features called “The Dating Game.” From speed dating to Tinder, old-fashioned matchmakers to up-and-coming “dark dating,” Penny now has to go on a lot of dates. Silver lining: meeting new people should be fun, right? But running into her old rival, George, at her first dating event is decidedly not. Not only does the arrogant know-it-all have zero trouble attracting women, wherever Penny goes, somehow he just. Keeps. Showing. Up.

What are you reading this week?

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Saturday Night Film Night

Who doesn't need a night of just pure happiness? For me, books and films are about escaping into a happy reality. When I'm in the right mood, I do love historical and action films, but a lot of the time recently, I just need something to just make me happy, and that's why this week, I'm watching the Princess Diaries.

The Princess Diaries

Mia Thermopolis has just found out that she is the heir apparent to the throne of Genovia. With her friends Lilly and Michael Moscovitz in tow, she tries to navigate through the rest of her sixteenth year.

I still remember the day that my friend showed me the Princess Diaries series, somewhere at the tender age of 11. I immediately fell in love and continued eagerly reading and awaiting the rest of the series, and reading the rest of Ms. Cabot's works. So you can imagine my joy when this was turned into a film! And then another one came out!

The film doesn't follow the books, something which is actually hilariously addressed in the books by Ms. Cabot, but that doesn't make it any less perfect. Also, you have Chris Pine and Julie Andrews. So, I don't see how they can be anything less than perfect! I have read that there will also be a third film releasing at some point, I'm not sure the full accuracy to this (I've been awaiting the announcement of National Treasure 3 for over 8 years now...), but I'm crossing my fingers!

Honestly, the book series itself is my favourite book series of all time (no exaggeration), and the films are just the perfect cherry on top!

What are you watching this weekend?