Welcome to Gone With The Books!

I've always been an avid bookworm, loving reading at an early age, progressing to working in my school library, and then working at an actual bookstore while at university. After graduating, I moved to a crazy life at sea, and after acquiring an e-reader, restarted my love of reading. I am a bit of a speed reader and typically read a novel in one sitting - about 3 hours - particularly if the book is phenomenal. I'll confess that I mainly read Young Adult and Romance novels (more romance if I'm completely honest). Why? Because generally with both, I'm guaranteed a happy ending, and who doesn't want that?

At the end of last year, I came home from a contract early with a labral tear in my hip and required to sit on my butt for about two months to rest, and then coronavirus came into being, forcing me home a little bit longer. Everything combined and this blog was born, dedicated to my love of reading, and to hopefully share with you all some fantastic novels. This is dedicated to sharing the love of reading, and please feel free to share any novels you'd recommend!


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