Best Romantic Authors 2020 (so far!)

Happy Monday everyone! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I can't believe how quickly this year is going.

I've had a lot more time than I expected to have, and have been able to get through some of my book list. I've found some absolutely incredible authors who I hadn't heard of/read before (during my usual lifestyle, internet and bookstores sadly feature less than I'd like), and here are some of my new favourites:

1. Avery Flynn - Award-winning author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense, her books are light and breezy, but heartfelt and intriguing, providing the perfect romance.

Personal favourites:

              Parental Guidance by Avery Flynn            Tomboy by Avery Flynn

2. R. S. Grey - I'll admit that I've absolutely shot through most of Ms. Grey's novels. A USA Today best-selling author with seven #1 best-selling romantic comedies, she absolutely hooks you in and keeps you reading. Highly, highly recommended.

Personal favourites:

                 Hotshot Doc by R.S. Grey          Not So Nice Guy by R.S. Grey

3. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff - Intriguing, quick-paced, and steamy romances that you'll fly through and want more, definitely one to watch!

Personal favourite:

                                                        Battle of the Bulge by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

4. Cindi Madsen - I picked up one of her romance novels earlier in the year and got distracted, but tried again with one of her Young Adult romances and fell in love.

Personal favourite:

                                                         Operation Prom Date by Cindi Madsen

5. Sally Thorne - I picked up The Hating Game on the train down to my new house, and I just couldn't stop reading. I actually got to the hotel (night before the move in) and just kept reading.

Personal favourite:

                                                        The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

When I find an author I like, I generally end up going through their entire works and just get stuck on them for days.

Which authors have you discovered recently?


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