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Good afternoon everyone!

I've been asked a few times now from some of my readers about my proofreading and copy editing services/skills, and thought I'd put them collectively here to share. I am available for this work at present, and most likely through the remainder of the year.

My qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours, along with publishing two academic papers at that time, available online and in print. Since then, I have worked for marketing and communications for Disney, been a Communications Manager for four years for an internationally renowned cruise line, and most recently worked as a Business & Brand Manager on board another internationally renowned cruise line. Owing to the current worldwide situation, I have a little more time at home than previously planned.

I worked in the book industry for five years while going through university, working with publishing houses to correct proofs and provide feedback. I have continued this throughout my career, and recently began to publish these reviews online as well, resulting in this website. I have a large amount of editorial and proofreading experience, combined with some graphic design knowledge.

I would prefer to edit any romance, young adult romance, or website posts, but am open to other genres/forms, just let me know. If you're interested in these services, please contact me via email at, my prices are below. The book maximum indicates that if I go over this time, the maximum is the highest price that I would charge you.

0-200 pages = £10 per hour, maximum of £40
0-300 pages = £12 per hour, maximum of £50
0-400 pages = £14 per hour, maximum of £60
0-400+ pages = £15 per hour, maximum of £65

0-1500 words = £3
0-2500 words = £6
0-3500 words = £9
0-4500 words = £12
0-4500+ words = £15

Owing to my time, I may not be able to take on all requests, but I will do my best to let you know. If you would like to use my services, please send an email to with the following information: 
Title of Book
Amazon or Goodreads link of applicable
Any other comments as required

Please note that as mentioned above, I am not a professional reviewer, however, have over eight years of communication and marketing experience with Fortune 500 companies.


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