Love Won (Winning At Love Book 1) by Gillian Jones

Love Won (Winning At Love Book 1) by Gillian Jones
McCoy Graves: Public Enemy Number One. The crusher of childhood fairy tales.

McCoy Graves is arrogant. A jerk.

McCoy Graves is my brother’s best friend…and my new boss.

Oh, and did I mention, he’s also the love of my life?

’Cause, yeah, there’s that, too.

My name is Eastlyn Hatfield, and this is a story about our feud.

After my Scribd membership ended, and after much debate about whether I should continue with them, or switch to Amazon Kindle Unlimited (you can read part of that here), I decided to give Kindle Unlimited a go. When I started the membership, based on my previous reading history, it showed automated recommended suggestions, and this was one of them, and I thought, why not?

Honestly, I have never been so thrilled with a random choice book. This was quite utterly perfection. I can say with complete honesty that I've never heard of Ms. Jones before, or this book, and I'll confess that I didn’t even read the blurb before starting. It was a random serendipitous moment of, why not just give it a try?

We're instantly thrown into shenanigans that make you laugh out loud between our hero and heroine and right into the story. Interestingly, rather than a back-and-forth between the characters point of view (POV), the book is split into almost half of the heroine's POV, almost half the hero's POV, and then given to them both, and it really works well. The plot moves swiftly and we're introduced to a great side cast of secondary characters that easily set the scene for the next book in the series.

I'm trying to pinpoint exactly what it was which made this book so great, and I honestly can't quite put my finger on it, it was just a perfect blend of everything. Our hero is strong,  charismatic, protective and charming, and while he may slightly toe over the line of being slightly too cocky at points, I see the appeal. Our heroine sometimes has a bit of a too-clumsy complex (if you haven't seen Isn't It Romantic with Rebel Wilson, I strongly encourage you to), but these are just minor flaws. As a whole, the characters are great with minute flaws that just slightly knock on your hold on a second reality factor, but this is extremely limited.

I will also mention that this book is steamy, be prepared. And, I really do have to give it a shout-out that this is the only book that I have ever read that's actually mentioned my hometown and it was absolutely phenomenal. On that note, I will also say that I had to search quite a bit online, but did find out that Ms. Jones is actually Canadian!! To this point, I should explain that I spent 18 years living in Ontario, Canada, and am so proud of my fellow Canadian!

I'm trying to summarize my feelings overall of this book but I think it's summarized best with simply saying this is now one of my new favourites and - go read this book now.

Rating: 4.5/5

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