Never Seduce A Scoundrel (School for Heiresses Book 1) by Sabrina Jeffries

Never Seduce A Scoundrel (School for Heiresses Book 1) by Sabrina Jeffries
Lady Amelia Plume has many admirers - it's too bad they're all fortune hunters and fops who can't provide the exotic adventures she seeks. But the ballrooms of Mayfair have become much more appealing since the arrival of Major Lucas Winter, an American with a dark past and dangerous air.

Lucas is brash, arrogant and scandalously tempting. Every thrilling kiss sparks hotter desire, yet Amelie suspects that Lucas has a hidden motive in wooing her. And she intends to discover it, by any means necessary...

Ms. Jeffries is well-known in the world of romance, but I confess to having never read one of her novels before, but I decided to finally delve in, and was happily surprised.

Unlike most contemporary romance fiction, most historical romance fiction still adheres to third-person writing, something this reader greatly appreciates. Added into that, a great plot, along with a believable build between our hero and heroine, makes this a fantastic first novel of her series, School for Heiresses.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel as it has the simple characteristics of a romance novel that make it so great: a strong hero and heroine that have fleshed out characteristics that make us fall in love, a great romance, a build, and adventure - something that sometimes contemporary romance novels forget. I don't always enjoy historical romance novels, but Ms. Jeffries really hits the nail with this novel, providing strong characters who you do root for. Overall, a great first start to the series!

Rating: 4/5

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