Weekly Round-Up

Welcome to another Friday everyone!

It's been another week of change, and this week has been slightly harder for me to find inspiration to write than others, so please excuse any changes in schedule.

I've read some fantastic books lately that I'm really excited to share with you, and on the other, I've read some books recently that I've honestly not even finished as I couldn't comprehend why on other I was reading something so sad in a book that was meant to be happy. Which leads to my question - do you share books that you couldn't finish?

In case you missed it, I continued my exploration of Kindle Unlimited vs Scribd this week, with a little more information here.

And then I may have completely forgotten which day it was, and published my reviews out of order (my apologies), but check out my reviews this week below (click on the picture to go to the review):

                    Parental Guidance Ice Knights Series Book 1 by Avery Flynn              Number Neighbors by Emma Hart

Next week I'm really excited to be sharing a book that actually mentions my hometown! I will mention at this point that I have lived in three countries, and have citizenship in two, and in one of those (Canada), I've never seen a book ever mention my hometown - so, please cue the excitement!

What are you reading this weekend?


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