Saturday Night Film Night

Welcome to another Saturday Night Film Night! Surprisingly enough for me (as this is predominately a book website), the most popular post of this site so far is a Saturday Night Film Night edition (here). So, I'm hoping you keep liking them and let me know what you're watching!

What am I watching tonight? Tonight's film is What's Your Number, starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans.

A woman looks back at the past nineteen men she's had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her true love.

It's always an interesting premise thinking of one's number, and I'll admit, this film made me realize some important truths. For some reason, older romance novels that I read always tended to mention either directly or indirectly, how many 'relationships' both our leads had been in, and tended to focus on the fact that the heroine had not, while the hero had. This unconsciously formed an opinion in my mind about my relationships (what can I say? I was young and impressionable), and this film made me really question that.

Combining it all together though, I really did just genuinely love this film. Chris Evans is simply gorgeous, and Anna Faris always makes me laugh. Honestly, a fantastic film to watch!


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