Saturday Night Film Night

Hi everyone! I hope you've all had fantastic weeks and read some great books.

Welp, it's officially official, I have now entered my third decade and moved from my 20s into my 30s! I still don't understand where the time went either...

And since it's my actual birthday now, I think that means that since it's my day, I get to choose my favourite film! Having said that though, I don't actually have one specific one, there's a lot, depending on my mood. So what am I watching tonight?

Set It Up 2008 film

Two corporate executive assistants hatch a plan to match-make their two bosses.

I love rom-coms who show a plot outside of just the romance story. I know they're going to fall in love with each other, that's the point! But I want substance in my story. And this film does that perfectly. Adding in a perfect strangers to friends to lovers, it just works perfectly. I will also say that our male lead is also really easy on the eyes ;)

Hope you all have a fantastic evening and let me know what you're reading this week!


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