About The Reviewer

I'm June, a 29 year old university graduate - Bachelor of Arts, Honours, History. I've been in love with reading since I was a tiny tot, and continued that, starting working at Chapters bookstore in 2006. I worked there until early 2012, running a book club during my time there, and reading and freelance reviewing.

After graduation, I went away to sea, working for Disney Cruise Lines, Carnival UK, and most recently Holland America Line. While I don't have as much free time as I would like, I still greatly enjoy using the time I have to read and escape into fantasy worlds. Given the current situation in the world, I have a lot more free time on my hands than originally planned, and a great deal of time to read some books I've been wanting to for some time!

If you would like to know my availability and prices for my copy editing and proofreading, please click here.

Favourite Authors:

1) Meg Cabot
2) Teresa Medeiros
3) Shannon Drake
4) Emma Chase
5) Penny Jordan
6) Sara Craven
7) Sharon Kendrick
8) Julia James
9) Jacqueline Baird
10) Johanna Lindsey
11) Marsha Canham
12) R.S. Grey
13) Avery Flynn

Feel free to contact me at gonewiththebooks@hotmail.com.


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