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Welcome to Gone With The Books!

This blog is dedicated to reading and reviewing the romance genre, mainly adult, but also including some young adult romance novels that include some of my personal favourites. While commonly referred to as a bookworm, this author prefers spending her free time that doesn't include working either reading, swimming, or spending time with loved ones.

​I would love to review your finished book, ebook, or ARC. As I travel a lot for work, I would prefer ebooks, as a physical address may be too far, but publisher's/author's choice! Please contact me at for reviewing inquiries.

As mentioned, this blog will primarily review romance literature (including young adult romance), though I am also willing to accept some other genres.

​Genres I will happily review:
- Fiction
- Young adult
- History
- Lifestyle

If you have a book outside of those categories, please contact me and I will happily discuss your book and whether I would be able to review it. I do typically aim to read and share those books that I enjoy, and I see my role in a positive manner, in that I share books that I absolutely loved and want others to experience.

​All reviews will include:
- Cover image
- Summary from Amazon, Scribd, or Goodreads (please let me know if you have a preference)
- Rating from 1-5, and ratings can also include half increments: 

1 - Not very enjoyable and could have been better.
2 - I had a difficult time getting through it.
3 - I enjoyed it.
4 - I really enjoyed this book, and will add to the bookshelf to re-read again.
5 - This is one of the best, if not the best, books I have ever read and I will be constantly picking this up to re-read. 

I received a Bachelor of Arts, Honours degree in History, and have thus spent copious amounts of time poring over many different types of books, and leaving editing and review notes. I worked at a bookstore for 5, where I reviewed books at my leisure. Since graduation, I have worked as a Communications Manager, and currently work as a Business & Brand Manager. I believe in an honest, truthful, but constructive opinion. I will leave my honest opinion of each book, but will approach each with an open mind, and promise to remain respectful to each author.

If you would like to have your book advertised on the right-hand sidebar of each page, please contact me at Each slot is available for a week (Monday-Sunday), first slot at £10, second slot at £7, and third slot at £5, via paypal only and in advance. Each slot will include the release date of your book, along with an image link to Amazon, or the link of your choice.

Please note that I do not request or receive compensation for any of these book reviews. All books will have been sent in exchange for a fair review, or borrowed from a local library, or bought.*

Please contact me at with any questions or concerns, and thank you for your interest.

*Disclaimer: Links leading to may be affiliate links. A small commission is earned on any purchases made via those links.


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